Friday, August 20, 2010

The long answer for a short brain.

Recently I uploaded this pic to my FB profile. Among the 3441 contacts that I have someone dared to call me anti-American. This person not only questioned me but accused me of attacking the United States. To this person I want to answer and since I know beforehand that she is lack of visual interpretation, information and decency, I'm going to take the time to answer the longer way because I have already giving her the shortest one.

First place, this is a country with Freedom of Expression which has made of this, a great nation and not only I used this freedom to post an image in order to be a relater of the poor economic outcome of the successive administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama, but in defense of the good living of American citizens I brought to lime light the sad oncoming reality.

It is expected that Chinese economy surpasses the US economy in the near future, that is not a secret to anyone. It's closing this year 2010 in second place just behind the US; overtaking strong economies such as: Germany, Great Britain and even Japan. Thanks not only because of the US has given China the title of the most favored nation for commerce and trade, but because it has also allowed the industrial private sector to send the means of production to China in an effort to cheapen costs of production, thus shortening employment opportunities for continental US citizens and strengthening foreign economies by the constant capital escape. The latter said will be the big push that will make China flourish as the number one super economical power in the next 5 years in detriment of the US economy which has fallen in an deep economical crisis only compared to the "Big Depression" of the 30's due to the poor economic administration.

Unfortunately who has called me Anti-American doesn't know that the true American not only defend his country, but exposes by all possible means those who are selling it. As an artist capable of identifying the information contained in an image I was able to perceive all that has been explained. To be closer to the reality of the image I would like to point out that out of 10 textiles purchased at stores 5 are China manufactured and the rest come from Indonesia and Malaysia; 7 out of 10 toys in the market are Chinese made, 80% of the cars we buy are from Asia. China is arming itself at an incredible speed and its macro economical growth allows it to keep 7 million regular army soldiers at arms.

About the flag saying "Made in China" is a real fact, sadly and painfully thousands of American flags are China manufactured and they bring the known label "Made in China". It cost less making them there.

It's a real pity that the great American spirited person who addressed me didn't have the sharp reasoning to understand these facts...And about to conclude, it's not me who gave the order to manufacture American flags in China nor I am the Chinese who makes them. I'm just able to see the facts behind the symbols.

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  1. Thank you Norberto. That sort of mindlessness is so ubiquitous that we rarely call people on it. YOU are actually producing something. Readers of Adam Smith know it requires production of things to sell to create an economy.


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